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1. Our Aim

Our aim is to continue to provide 100% customer satisfaction on this our own web-site, as we are proud to have done - and continue to do - on our sister, E-Bay shop web-site over the last four years and more.

To visit our E-Bay shop click here or on the E-Bay logo on the right hand side of the page - but do please come back again ,either today or another day soon. We are constantly adding to our listings, so whenever you come back you are bound to see more, interesting, items of good quality and valur for money. This, coupled with our fast, responsive, yet personal, service, make us a firm favourite with our existing c'ient base.

We continue to have a 100 % positive customer feedback rating on EBay, and this month (Feb 2012) we are pleased to have reached the milestone of 700 satisfied customers. Recent feedback from individual EBay customers has been as follows:

1) Good to deal with

2) Excellent

3) Great record in good condition thanks

4) Beautiful condition many thanks will deal with you again

5) Excellent order and very fast delivery with great packaging. Thanks!!

6) Brilliant

2. Our Blog (new)

a) Customer Feedback

As our website doesn't have built in feedback facilities, we are now starting to include some customer feedback data on our own blog. Whilst we hope that all feedback will be positive, our customers are invited to post their own comments, good or bad, providing that they are factual and fair.

b) Why Do People Still Buy Records

We explore below in outline the different reasons why people still buy records. On our blog we enlarge of this theme, and attempt to put emphasis on the human story behind the purchase, rather than on cold statistics. Our customers are at liberty to comment on our 'posts' or to create 'posts' of their own.

The URL for our blog is :

So why do people still buy records??

Despite, in many cases, records being 40-50 years old or more, there is still a strong market for LPs and other records - and not just by the aging rock or pop fan, but also by younger generations. New records are still being cut, and new turntables are still being bought: some costing less than £100, with USB connections, some costing around £300 with direct copying to CD facility, and even some costing £'000s for those with , for those with the ear and pocket to suit.

Quite obviously many are bought for their content, for the recorded song, played or spoken word. Either because the recording is not available on other media or, and more often, because of the trueness of the sound, which is generally agreed to be superior, often even on a record produced half a century ago.

Over the last decade or two there has also been a great focus on the design of the covers of LPs: on their creativity and artistic qualities (or not as the case may be), and as a record of the musical and wider social changes taking place.

But, as I have become aware, over the last 2 - 3 years, as I have moved from dabbling at collecting, to addictive collecting, and now to selling, there is at least one other significant body of purchaser: the person for whom the particular record, artist or genre bring back usually pleasant or fond memories.
Music and lyrics, whether we like it or not, play a major role in our lives, both reflecting and influencing our feelings, emotions and behaviour, particularly during our most impressionable teen and twenties years, and increasingly earlier and later too.

When someone buys a record from TreEsure Island Discs, I invite them to give the reason(s) for their purchase, and in many, many cases the answer is the same: a single word - or a description which can be summed up in that word.

That word is nostalgia.

To illustrate the significance of this, I have now set up a blog to record, with the customer's OK, the kind of responses I am getting to the question: "what is your reason for making this purchase?" I am of course biased, but I think it makes fascinating reading.

For anyone interested in reading further the address of our blog is:

3. Our Products


We stock all genres although we tend to focus more strongly on Children's and Young People's records, the more unusual records and Boxed Sets of any genre. (Incidentally, many of our boxed sets are in pristine condition and would make wonderful gifts. Where recently listed we have marked such sets " *P*".)

CD Copies of your Purchased LPs (available now)

CD Copies of Your LPs
We are pleased to be able to offer you an LP to CD copying service where one side of the LP = one track on the CD.
For any LP you purchase from us we will provide you with a good quality CD copy on request for an extra £2.50 (no additional P&P charge).

If each track of the LP is required to be separate on the CD, as this is much more time consuming to do, the price is £4.95 per CD.

To order a CD copy simply choose the 'Pay on invoice' option when ordering your record, send us an email with your requirements and we will then send you an adjusted invoice to include the extra cost.

4. Our Visitors and Customers

We are now receiving, on an average week, 150+ visitors from all over the world and have despatched records to customers all over Europe, as well as to such diverse parts of the world as Australia, Belarus, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. We are particularly pleased to have a number of returning customers, buying in quantity, attracted by our pricing, quality and service orientation.

5. Our Pricing Policy

We give significant discounts on multiple purchases by a customer, on purchases by regular customers, and of course reductions on P&P charges where multiple items are shipped together (we do not make a profit from P&P. and in fact, do not always cover our costs).

6. Our Returns Policy

Should you feel at any time that we have not met the high standards that we strive for, we will offer you an immediate 'no quibble' replacement for your purchase, if we have one, or a full refund - the choice is yours.

7. Our Record Grading Approach

For information on record grading please press the 'Grading' button at the top of the page.

8. Our Postage & Packaging (Shipping) Charging Policy

Because we deal worldwide, prices are shown excluding p&p (postage and packing) costs (or shipping costs as they are known in many parts of the globe). This is because the figure will vary according to the destination. To find the p&p cost of any item, note the weight band for the item, click on the 'p&p' of '(excl. p&p)', and look up, in the table provided, the figure for your part of the world. This will be automatically added to your invoice.

9. Our Purchases Payment Process

Credit card details are processed via the secure Paypal payment system, so even if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay by Paypal with your debit or credit card quickly and easily and you can relax and look forward to enjoying your purchase trouble-free. You may also pay by cheque if you prefer, although this is slower as we have to wait for cleared funds.

10. Our Stocks

Although we have now been operational with our own website for some time, alongside our Ebay shop, we have as yet unlisted stocks of 1000's of records, books and other items, and will be constantly adding new items to the database.

11. Our View of Vinyl

Global recession or no, the market in vinyl record albums is absolutely thriving at present - our last Internet search on 'Buy LP records' produces about 4.5 million listings. A search on 'Buy vinyl records' produced nearer 20 million listings. So there is plenty of choice, and if you like what we have, but feel that the price is a bit on the high side, why not make us a reasonable offer. We won't be offended and you might save some money!

12. Thank You

So thank you for visiting our site. We hope that you will find or have already found it interesting and will want to re-visit us regularly to see the additions and changes we make over the days, weeks and months ahead. Happy browsing!

Tony Rees
May 2011

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